Mobile FM Solution

Facility management app, available for both iOS and Android, provides the best facility management experience for smartphones and tablets.


Scalable to any type of property or facility, and you can use it on a single location or across multiple facilities around the world.

Real time tasking & acknowledgements

Our apps keeps everyone connected.

Easy to use

Facility management has never been easier. Our platform is completely configurable to your company’s needs.


Time saving solution

Save time and resources streamlining scheduling and optimizing preventive maintenance on the go.

Backed by quality customer service

Our customer service line is available from 9-5 to answer all your questions.

What is envVisual?

envVisual is the first ever, cloud based facility management software and app that lets you visually see any issue, in any space you have, anytime, from anywhere in the world. Our software is completely customizable to fit your exact process flow for issue resolution management and can be put to work for your facilities almost immediately.

envVisual is a mobile CMMS app that saves time, money, and transforms information into knowledge you can use. It provides the best facility management experience for smartphones and tablets.

Facility management has never been easier. It is completely configurable to your company’s needs, scalable to any type of property or facility, and you can use it on a single location or across multiple facilities around the world.

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Mobile Facility Management System

A modern cloud based facility management software solution that has completely revolutionized how the way managers manage the facility, making the tasks a lot easier and hassle-free for them. Mobile solutions allow facility managers to optimize resources and assets,  reduce operational costs and ultimately enhance profitability.

I can’t believe how much easier it is to get work done using envVisual. It’s saved hours and hours of my time. Thank you!

K&L Gates LLP

K&L Gates LLP

We are very pleased with the program thus far and are planning to expand it to our other facilities.

Wellington Management Company, LLP

Wellington Management Company, LLP

I must say, this software is quite impressive. It was simple adding that additional office. This will be a huge help going forward

Parametric Technology Corporation

Parametric Technology Corporation

envVisual works on iOS as well as most Android tablet devices and smartphones

The Old Way:

  • Multiple steps scattered over multiple systems
  • Time wasted in organizing and assigning
  • Lots of back and forth between manager and technician
  • Work orders and inspection forms can get lost in the shuffle
  • No way to measure performance

The envVisual Way:

  • One centralized system to report and track problems
  • Instant communication and delegation
  • Streamlined communication and instant notifications
  • Everything is stored in the cloud and accessesible from mobile device app
  • Automatically generated metrics and facility inspection reports
Service Provider

envVisual SP

Service Provider
With this facility management system, everyone from janitors to gardeners and plumbers to electricians can easily communicate with their facility managers.

envVisual FM

Facility Manager
Using the Facility Manager version, you can oversee all open work orders and the technicians assigned to them.

envVisual PM

Property Manager
Manage multiple properties across a region, the country or the world from one location.

Why choose envVisual over other software companies?

Most companies hand you a box of car parts and instructions on how to put it together. We will give you the keys to the car and you drive away immediately. Also, envVisual allows you to add as many users as you like, without increasing your costs!

envVisual Explained

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